CEESP Emerging Leaders Network

The Nga Wawata o nga Rangatahi o te Ao – Global Youth Network was formalized at the Sharing Power Conference, held in Whakatane, New Zealand in January 2011 to encourage discussion of issues of shared concern regarding sustainable development and the future. Since then, CEESP Youth members have actively participated in a number of events, most significantly at the 2012 World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Korea and the 2014 World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia. We are thus building on the momentum created since 2011 to continue the development of a global youth network together with other IUCN Commission Young Professional Groups, and foster greater opportunities for intergenerational partnerships within CEESP and the IUCN.

The CEESP Emerging Leaders Network is supported by the Youth Leadership Team. Join the Young CEESP Members and Friends! This is our official Specialty Group page on the CEESP website.

Our Vision, Mission and Objectives

  • Our vision is an intergenerational community of leaders who learn and work together within and through IUCN, for a just, sustainable and peaceful world.
  • Our mission is to contribute to CEESP's work program and priority areas through intergenerational partnerships between established and emerging leaders and CEESP thematic and regional groups.
  • Our goals for 2013-2016 are to recognize and support emerging leaders in the structures, policies and activities of CEESP; promote the involvement of youth in the development of CEESP policy and policy-making; and foster cross-commission collaboration and participation on CEESP four priority areas.

News Briefs

November 2015

CEESP Emerging Leaders Network met in October to discuss opportunities for engagement at the WCC. News on engagement will be provided once we have a list of all accepted proposals. In the meanwhile, here are the meeting minutes for the October 7 Skype chat meeting.

October 2015

Thank you to the CEESP Emerging Leaders who submitted proposals to the World Conservation Congress! For a full list of all youth related events, please visit the News page on this site.

July 2015

As part of the Policy Matters Call for Contributions we received a very large number of high quality submissions and feel confident that this issue of Policy Matters will be very exciting and seminal, focusing on resolution frameworks, rights-based approaches and stakeholder dialogue as central to the promotion of conservation justice.

June 2015

Call for contributions to CEESP Journal Policy Matters - Deadline June 15, 2015

IUCN-CEESP is planning to devote an entire issue of its flagship Policy Matters journal to the vision of the 'New Social Compact', a movement that sought to galvanize diverse stakeholders to collectively commit to a new conservation ethic at the IUCN 2014 World Parks Congress in Sydney and beyond. The full Call for Contributions is available here. Abstracts (in English, Spanish or French) of no more than 300 words should be submitted to Catie Burlando and Caroline Seagle (wpcsocialcompact@gmail.com) no later than June 15th, 2015. Full submissions will be expected by November 15, 2015.

Emerging Leaders Skype chat meeting

The CEESP Emerging Leaders Skype chat meeting was held June 4, 2015. The notes from the Skype chat are available for download here:


CEESP newsletter

Contributions for the next CEESP newsletter are due Wednesday June 10, 2015. They include Members News, Conferences and Reports, and New Publications. All contributions should ideally be 500-700 words. With each contribution please include an image (of the meeting, site, publication, community, etc.) along with acknowledgement of the photographer and subjects, as well as confirmation that you have copyright permission for use of the image. Please send your articles to me at: ceespnews@iucn.org.

March 2015

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Shalini Dhyani of India and Archi Rastogi of Canada / India as our two new Co-Conveners. Both possess the wide-ranging competencies we were seeking and have demonstrated their commitment and enthusiasm for our approach to youth engagement and intergenerational partnership, for example through their recent involvement in the World Parks Congress in Australia. Furthermore, Shalini and Archi compliment our current constellation of Co-Conveners by reinforcing links to the Commission on Ecosystems Management (CEM; through Shalini) and to the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA; through Archi). We had no Co-Conveners from Asia and welcome Shalini and Archi’s networks and contacts in India and beyond. For more information please visit our News briefs page.

January 2015

The IPS Task Force Co-conveners are seeking a fifth Co-convener to join our team in preparations for the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii, US. We welcome all interested members to apply by February 16! See the details in the call attached.

November 2014

We are actively involved in the planning for the New Social Compact Cross-Cutting Theme at the World Parks Congress held in Sydney between November 12 and 19, 2014. Please follow us on the News Brief page, #WPCSocial or on the World Parks Congress New Social Compact facebook page.

April 2014

The CEESP Steering Committee met in Bangkok between April 19-22. Here is a summary of the main outcomes of relevance to the CEESP Youth Network. Note that we have changed the name of the group from CEESP Youth Network to "CEESP Emerging Leaders Network" as a way to recognize both young professionals and young leaders. We have also raised the age to 40 to include professionals within the first few years of their career. Please stay tuned to CEESP's upcoming newsletter for detailed information on each Theme and Specialist Group's activities.

March 2014

The CEESP Youth Network is proposing a series of four capacity-building workshops (including an online pre-Congress global event) on the theme of "Implementing Conservation Justice" to be conducted at the World Parks Congress. Please read the proposal here and contact Catie Burlando if you are interested in joining the planning team (catie.burlando@gmail.com).

February 2014

The CEESP Youth Network is hosting a Skype chat planning meeting on Monday, February 17 at 16:00 GMT. If you are interested in attending please ask to be signed onto the ipstaskforce Skype account.

January 2014

Happy New Year! The countdown is starting for the World Parks Congress, to be held in Sydney 12-19 of November, 2014.

Archived News, 2011-2013

News events for 2011-2013 are in the CEESP Youth Network archive here.


Catie Burlando <catie.burlando@gmail.com>
Intergenerational Partnership Advisor, IUCN CEESP Steering Committee
Co-Convener, IUCN Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability