CEC Young Professionals Network
Cairngorms, Scotland. Photo: Dominic Stucker

Young professionals - students, practitioners, professionals, and indigenous persons, etc, who are approximately 35 and younger - make up a significant portion of the CEC membership (approximately 1/3 in September 2012) and are contributing in meaningful ways to the implementation of the Commission Mandate and IUCN Mission. We bring a range of relevant expertise, knowledge, skills, and networks to the Commission. In addition to our areas of specialty we seek to increase meaningful youth engagement in and through the Commission and espouse an intergenerational approach to activities that promotes communication, learning, and collaboration across generations.

The network is supported by the Young Professionals Leadership Team.

Join the Young CEC Members and Friends Facebook Group and the IUCN CEC Facebook Group. Visit the official CEC website and learn more about CEC's efforts to promote youth engagement and intergenerational partnership.

Our Vision, Mission, and Goal

  • Our vision is a community of sustainability leaders of different generations, geographies, and genders learning and working together within and through IUCN for a just, sustainable, and a peaceful world.
  • Our mission is to foster intergenerational partnership between established and emerging leaders to contribute in meaningful ways to the work of the CEC and the Union.
  • Our goal is to increase proactive and meaningful participation of emerging conservation and sustainability leaders in the work of the CEC and other Commissions.

News Briefs
January 2018
IUCN's Commission for Education and Communication is calling for a Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership Representative for their Steering Committee. Learn more and apply here by 31 January!

January 2015
The IPS Task Force Co-Conveners are seeking a fifth Co-Convener to join their team in preparations for the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii, US. We welcome all interested members to apply by 16 February! See the details in the call:

May 2014
CEC has launched a News Blog, where several young professionals have contributed or been featured: CEC Nature Talks

April 2013
CEC's Young Professionals Leadership Team (YPLT) held an online meeting on Thursday, April 18 at 6pm CET to launch activities for 2013 and beyond. The meeting was introduced by outgoing YPLT Convener, Dominic Stucker, and facilitated by the new Co-Conveners, Tushita Mukherjee and Jean Paul Brice Affana Affana in addition to CEC Steering Committee Member, Grace Mwaura. The CEC-YP Action Plan (2013-2016) was discussed and Working Groups formed. Read here the full Action Plan and email the Conveners to join the Working Groups for action!

Please find below the Minutes of the meeting held on April 18, 2013, the CEC YPLT Action Plan and the CEC Programme:

Have you joined the 2013-2016 Working Groups? Email Jean Paul Brice Affana and Tushita Mukherjee to join the Working Groups. If interested in keeping in the same group as last phase, also email Jean Paul and Tushita.

February 2013
CEC Steering Committee member, Grace Mwaura, and Advisor, Dominic Stucker, met online with the new Co-Conveners of the YPLT, Tushita Mukherjee and Jean Paul Brice Affana Affana, to offer them an orientation to the young professionals network and their new roles. The new Co-Conveners will compile a YPLT Action Plan based on existing project ideas and supportive of the Commission Program. They then plan to convene a YPLT-wide meeting to finalize the Action Plan and form Working Groups. The summary notes are here:

February 2013
Read this update on CEC young professionals in the Commission newsletter from Dominic Stucker.

January 2013
We warmly welcome new CEC Young Professionals Leadership Team Co-Conveners Tushita Mukherjee and Jean Paul Brice Affana Affana! Read more and watch your inboxes for an invitation from them to the next YPLT online meeting! Here's the same announcement in the CEC newsletter.

September 2012
New CEC Chair Juliane Zeidler appointed former IUCN Councillor Grace Mwaura of Kenya to serve on the CEC Steering Committee as Special Advisor on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability, carrying forward the work initiated by Dominic Stucker. Congratulations, Grace!

August 2012
Young CEC member Elena Tarasova announces a joint network and training project of the Ukrainian Environmental Club and the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Read the full article on the official CEC website.

July 2012
CEC member Katalin Czippan was invited to participate in the annual meeting of Youth and Environment Europe. She offers this report on "Reconnecting CEC and YEE."

July 2012
The July issue of the CEC newsletter is full of stories by and about youth. It includes:
  • the granting of the first-ever CEC Chair's Youth Award
  • the granting of the IUCN Thompson Reuters Environmental Media Award to a young CEC member
  • an up-beat youth report from the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20
  • the youth-led publication of a book, Moments That Speak, on stories and images of connection
  • the publication of the book, Our Treasures at Risk
  • the announcement of the winner of the Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability logo
  • inspiring stories from young Volvo Adventure teams and much, much more!

Read the full July 2012 CEC newsletter.

June 2012
The 2009-2012 CEC report to Council has been released, highlighting youth and intergenerational efforts in shaping policy, organizing strategic events, publishing articles, and establishing social networks. Since mid-2009, the number of CEC young professionals has increased from 75 to 264, representing an increase in total membership from 16% to over 28%. Read the full report here:

March 2012
The CEC's Young Professionals Leadership Team (YPLT) met this month to celebrate successes in youth engagement and intergenerational partnership in 2011, to discuss challenges, and to prepare strategies leading up to and beyond IUCN's World Conservation Congress in South Korea this September. We generated activities to be pursued within the CEC:
  • Write report on CEC youth and intergenerational activities, 2008-2012 (Dominic)
  • Update YPLT web presence on the CEC website. In particular, the YPLT has been invited to be listed as a Specialty Group, giving it more exposure. (Dominic)
  • Create a larger survey among the YPLT to see who is going to Congress. (Eva, Dominic, and Masum plan to be there, others are seeking funding)
  • Form a YPLT Fundraising Working Group to raise money for youth participation in events and on-the-ground projects.
  • Keith will award the Chair’s Award to an outstanding young CEC professional at the Congress. Grace and Dominic have helped design the selection criteria and will need people to join in forming a Selection Committee to identify finalists. (Grace, Dominic…)
  • Design democratic process for electing next YPLT convener (Dominic…)
  • Conduct a survey of CEC Specialty Groups to see how young professionals can be involved in the CEC Program, 2013-2016. (Doug, Ingrid, and Integration of YPs into CEC Working Group?)
  • Conduct a gap analysis of CEC membership to inform recruitment activities after the Congress. (Regine and Members Working Group… needs more members)

...as well as activities to pursue in collaboration with other Commissions and the Task Force for Intergenerational Partnership:
  • Create a youth page for the official Congress website and link it to our Intergenerational Wikispace – (Grace, Eva…)
  • Help the Task Force draft Motions, including a motion not only for age diversity on Council and Commissions Steering Committees, but also for the inclusion of age diversity in CEC projects, papers, and other collaborative efforts (Grace, Dominic…)
  • There should be a connection between Rio+20 and the Congress, which the YPLT could potentially help facilitate
  • Organize CEC YPLT meeting at Rio+20 (Esther, Doug… connect with CEC delegation)
  • Help the Task Force plan the Congress youth workshop, potentially include live streaming and interventions/presentations from virtual participants, highlight other youth-related events (Catie (CEESP), Dominic, Sarah, Eva...)
  • Support Caroline’s Councilor Campaign. All IUCN Members can vote on Councilors, so have people with familiarity of different IUCN regions would be helpful. (Grace, Catie (CEESP), Dominic…)
  • Submit a design for IUCN youth/intergenerational logo (Rebecca and Catie (CEESP), Dominic…)
  • Collaborate with CEESP young professionals on helping Ken MacDonald, Chair of the Theme on Culture and Conservation, organize “A just world” pavilion at Jeju (Catie (CEESP)…)

If you are interested in contributing to one or more of these projects, please contact Dominic dominic.stucker@gmail.com.

Dominic also made an announcement in the meeting, indicating that he wishes to bow out of his role as YPLT convener at the Congress, and initiate a democratic process well before then for identifying new YPLT leadership for 2013-2016. The full meeting notes, in English and Spanish, are below. French translation to follow.

February 2012
Looking back on 2011, here are some highlights to celebrate in terms of CEC youth engagement and efforts to promote intergenerational partnership. Thanks to all who contributed to making the year such a success!
  1. Contributed to events and on-the-ground activities in New Zealand, Nigeria, Sweden, India
  2. Helped CEESP establish their young professionals group
  3. Published reports and articles on youth in the climate change movement; on youth engagement and intergenerational partnership across Commissions; and on the draft IUCN Program
  4. Contributed to the writing of the CEC 2013-2016 program
  5. Secured a place on all future Council Congress Preparatory Committees for a young person
  6. Served on the Technical Review Panel for Congress workshops
  7. Led the establishment of the Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership
  8. Task Force submitted a successful workshop proposal to Congress
  9. Task Force encouraged young people to run for Council positions, with a young woman from the USA successful in getting on the ballot

December 2011
Youth engagement and intergenerational partnership were both highlighted in and integrated throughout CEC's 2011 Annual Report.

November 2011
Dominic Stucker traveled to Budapest, Hungary in October to participate in the Commission on Education and Communication's Steering Committee meeting. In preparation for the Jeju World Conservation Congress and beyond, the Steering Committee reviewed and ranked top candidates for Commission Chair for 2013-2016 and developed a 4-point draft work program for the Commission for the same period of time. The Steering Committee is very much committed to youth engagement, both among the CEC membership and out in the world. Once finalized, the work program will be posted here.

October 2011
The CEC's Young Professionals Leadership Team (YPLT) met this month primarily to discuss a workshop proposal for the World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea in September 2012 that focuses on activities of each Commission's young professionals network, as well as cross-Commission activities that can reach beyond the IUCN, both into local communities and international sustainability decision-making processes. Read our notes in English and Spanish here:

September 2011
Young people and collaboration across generations appeared in numerous articles in CEC's September newsletter.

September 2011
Photo by Lisa Marika Jokivirta, South Luangwa, Zambia, August, 2009
Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership: A Survey of Commission Chairs
The results of a Commission-wide survey on youth engagement and intergenerational partnership are now available, in a report prepared by CEC members Adriana Surez Delucchi, Lisa Marika Jokivirta and Dominic Stucker.

Read and download: Report on Commission Chair Survey on Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership, 9.11, Final.pdf

How are youth currently engaged in and across IUCN Commissions? How could the Commissions benefit from greater collaboration between young and senior professionals, and what opportunities exist for increasing youth engagement and intergenerational partnership? These are some of the questions raised by a recent survey of Commission Chairs, designed and implemented by members of the CEC Young Professionals Leadership Team.

Inspired by and building on the survey, the report includes key recommendations that the authors, Commission Chairs, and other CEC members have generated for increasing concrete collaboration between senior and young sustainability leaders. The report also includes a brief background on CEC collaboration across Commissions for youth engagement; a summary of survey responses from Commission Chairs; future action steps; and links for further information.

The authors would like to thank all Commission Chairs for participating in this survey, and hope that this initiative may help further meaningful and impactful youth engagement within and across the IUCN Commissions. This report is also available on the CEC website.
July 2011
CEESP_logo.jpgThe Commission on Education and Communication's (CEC's) Young Professionals Leadership Team is supporting the promotion of intergenerational partnership within the Commission on Environmental, Economic, and Social Policy (CEESP), including the formation of a new Youth Leadership Team. Young CEESP member, Catie Burlando, is taking the lead. Read the full article that she and Dominic Stucker wrote in the CEESP newsletter.

June 2011
Thanks to the 13 participants in our 23 June Young Professional Leadership Team (YPLT) meeting, including guest Council member, Grace Mwaura. We welcomed new members and then discussed Working Groups in depth. Efforts include updating the CEC young professionals database, managing our Young CEC Members and Friends Facebook Group , developing a calendar of strategic events, integrating young professionals more into CEC projects, and summarizing a survey done among all Commission Chairs regarding youth engagement and intergenerational partnership. We also heard more about the World Scout Jamboree and started making preparations for the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea in September 2012. Read summary notes here in English and Spanish ( French to follow):

May 2011
IUCN will be taking an active part in the upcoming World Scout Jamboree in Rinkaby, Sweden with a team of people from the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC). The World Scout Jamboree will bring together more than 38,000 fourteen to seventeen year old Scouts from 150 countries, supported by 8,000 adults in a tent city for two weeks over July, August 2011. Rod Abson (CEC Focal Point), Andres Morales and Ivana Savić will be running workshops on two topics as part of the Global Development Village, helping Scouts to explore Children’s Environmental Rights and Celebrating Biodiversity. The team needs some assistance from young professionals on IUCN Commissions. Read on to find out how you can assist.

April 2011
CEC Young Professionals Leadership Team (YPLT) member Chittaranjan Baruah, 29, has formed a scientific network named the “Turtle Conservation and Research Program (TCRP)” for safeguarding the freshwater turtle species in northeast India. The TCRP is one of the international collaborating partners of the “Year of the Turtle 2011.” Read all about TCRP's challenges, achievements and efforts to encourage local solutions and global input for saving endangered turtles. Also find out about internship opportunities available at TRCP.

March 2011
Thanks to the 15 people who participated in the fourth Skype meeting of the CEC's Young Professionals Leadership Team (YPLT) on 17 March, including guests Rod Abson and Andres Morales. In our meeting, we learned more about IUCN's planned participation in the World Scout Jamboree this summer in Sweden and discussed each Working Group in some depth, identifying priority actions to work on before our next YPLT meeting in June. These are the notes in English, Spanish, and French:

February 2011
CEC member Esther Agbarakwe organizes launch of Biodiversity Young Professionals’ Forum in Nigeria. Read full article.

February 2011
CEC publishes January newsletter with focus on member's stories from around the world and on the Commission's participation in the Sharing Power conference in New Zealand, organized by CEESP and local indigenous organizations. Young people are integrated and featured throughout!

January 2011
CEC Deputy Chair Wendy Goldstein and Steering Committee member Dominic Stucker co-facilitate successful CEC workshops in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. Read full article on the CEC webpage.

January 2011
CEC publishes its 2010 annual report with young people and intergenerational partnership evident throughout. Download it here:

December 2010
The CEC Nagoya Team reflects on working across generations at the event. Read more and see a summary table of their responses, comparing views held by young and senior professionals.

December 2010
The December CEC newsletter focuses on climate change and features numerous articles by young professionals. Read Keith Wheeler's 'Chair's Corner' and download the newsletter.

November 2010
The CEC Team, 5 young and 3 senior professionals, reports on their activities in Nagoya at the Convention on Biological Diversity COP.

October 2010
Young Professional Leadership Team member, Esther Agbarakwe, will be 1 of just 3 Nigerians recognized for her 'initiation of social change projects in her community' by receiving a LEAP African Youth Leadership Award in November. Congrats, Esther! Read her detailed post on the CEC website.

September 2010
The Young Professionals Leadership Team, which has grown to nearly 40 members, held its third online meeting, generating project ideas leading up to the IUCN World Conservation Congress in South Korea in 2012. Read the meeting summary here in English and French (Spanish coming soon):

September 2010
Congratulations to all those CEC members working across generations to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainability! The CEC September newsletterfeatured some of their stories.

August 2010
Yvonne Otieno of Kenya: 'Ready to Roll'

The CEC Young Professionals Leadership Team (YPLT) congratulates all 11 young members who submitted applications for a place on the CEC's Team going to the Convention on Biological Diversity COP 10 in Nagoya, Japan in October. Candidates were from Argentina, Australia, Bhutan, Canada / France, Chile / New Zealand, China, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Trinidad and Tobago. Many thanks, too, to all those who voted; the outcomes were very tight. See all applications here.

The YPLT is happy to announce that Yvonne Otieno of Kenya has been selected to join the CEC Team going to CBD! Yvonne received the highest number of votes from young CEC members and - without prior knowledge of individual vote totals - emerged successful after careful discussion within the YPLT of the top four candidates.

She will work closely with other CEC Team members to help fulfill CEC goals at CBD. Yvonne plans to integrate CEC young professionals' voices into the CBD and report back both during and after the event. Her application and CV can be downloaded here:

July 2010
The CEC's Young Professionals Leadership Team is excited to announce that the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) is sponsoring two young professionals to join its team at the Convention on Biological Diversity COP 10 in Nagoya, Japan, from 18-21 October. Young professional Laurie Bennet of Futerra Communications in the United Kingdom has already been selected by CEC leadership to join the team. The second young person will be selected from among and with the help of the CEC young professional membership through a democratically-based process.

June 2010
The CEC's Young Professionals Leadership Team (YPLT) held its second online meeting and formed strategic Working Groups for designing and implementing key projects. See the membership of the YPLT and Working Groups. And read the meeting summary here in English, French, or Spanish:

June 2010
CEC member Grace Mwaura is the IUCN's first young Councilor. She reported live from Gland, Switzerland at her first Council Meeting since being appointed in March. Read her daily reports here.

May 2010
The CEC monthly Commission newsletter was released, which, in addition to the the report for young professionals, below, highlighted important initiatives coming out of last month's Steering Committee meeting. Furthermore, this website on intergenerational partnership was prominently recognized, with a permanent link from the official CEC homepage.

April 2010
The CEC held their Steering Committee meeting in Aviemore, Scotland from 14-16 April. A productive meeting, Specialty Group Leaders and Regional Vice Chairs articulated action plans, with many opportunities for youth involvement. Here is the draft report for young professionals from the meeting. It includes a summary, action opportunities, and next steps. Also, please find other key background documents for the meeting, below.

Background documents:

March 2010
Leading up to the CEC Steering Committee meeting in April, young professionals contributed project ideas for the Commission leading up to the 2012 Congress in South Korea. Dominic Stucker, Special Advisor on Intergenerational Partnership, later integrated these ideas into the meeting.


Grace Mwaura, Kenya / United Kingdom
Co-Convener, IUCN Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability
Special Advisor on Intergenerational Partnership, IUCN Commission on Education and Communication Steering Committee
Convener, CEC Young Professionals Leadership Team
Former IUCN Councillor