Rajni, Bremley, Samer, IPS Workshop, ICEE, India, Nov 2007 (Photo: Dominic Stucker)
IUCN Resolution on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability

Inspired by the Framework for Forming IPS, we succeeded in having our Resolution, entitled "RES 4.098 Intergenerational Partnership: fostering ethical leadership for a just, sustainable, and peaceful world," adopted by the IUCN's Members' Assembly at the 4th World Conservation Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain in October 2008. It is co-sponsored by:

The Alliance for IPS believes that our Resolution, supported by the Framework for Forming IPS, will be an empowering mechanism for youth and youth organizations to form partnerships with the IUCN Council and Secretariat, Member organizations and governments, and Commissions under the banner of justice, sustainability, and peace. Download the Resolution here:

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