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This is a common page to share all IPS activities for IUCN World Conservation Congress, Hawaii, 2016

There are 4 working groups coordinating IPS activities in IUCN WCC, 2016

WG 1: Youth Engagement at the 2016 World Conservation Congress,

WG 2: External Communication and Alliance Building,

WG 3: Internal Communication and Knowledge Management,

WG 4: Strategy for Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership,2014-2018 (IPS Strategy) and Empowerment

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Youth C Space

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IPS and youth events

Event tittle, contact person
28 April 2016

IPS Task Force "All-in Skype" Meeting
Jun-July 2016

IPS Task Force "All-in Skype" Meeting, Focal point, Catie Burlando, (

2 Sep 2016

Young Leaders of the Pacific, Focal point: June Chee, Kupu

3 Sep 2016

Listen to Young Voices: Engaging Pacific Youth as Future Environmental and Cultural Leaders and Communicators through Creative Expression, Focal point: TAKIORA INGRAM, PACIFIC WRITERS CONNECTION
3 Sep 2016

Youth Feminists in Dialogue: Visions for Justice Centered Alternatives in Climate and Conservation,
Focal point, Jessica Olson, Sierra Club

4 Sep 2016

Youth Engagement for Forest and Tiger Conservation Focal point, Biozid Jessorey, (
4 Sep 2016

So You Want to Be a Youth Engager: Tools to Connect Youth with Nature, Focal point, Pascale van der Leest,
Parks Canada
4 Sep 2016

Best Practices for Youth Engagement: Translating Personal Experience to Digital Storytelling,
Focal point: Conor Leggott, Students on Ice
4 Sep 2016

Why crossroads call for relentless leadership and how to get there, Focal point: Rebecca Koss

Parallel youth events

Event tittle, contact
12-22 Sep 2016

Earth Works, Art and Music Tour,

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