Bruno Monteferri, "Gaviotas," Playa Grande, Peru, 2008
Input on the draft IUCN Program:

Report on a Cross-Commission Survey

A group of mostly young professionals - the Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability - wrote this report as input into the draft IUCN Program review process, the Union's policy and action framework for 2013-2016. It synthesizes survey responses from 257 people of all ages, representing all IUCN Commissions and Regions. Many thanks to all survey participants for offering their insightful inputs across the core and thematic program areas; to Commission Chairs for their support in disseminating the survey and this report; and to all contributors and editors.

As the draft IUCN Program evolves, we feel strongly that this diverse group of people have offered valuable ideas and comments that need to be integrated across the program, especially regarding the engagement of young people and collaboration across generations. Please see the Executive Summary for specific recommendations.