Links to the Working Groups in 2016

The Task Force gets concrete projects accomplished through the following current Working Groups. If you are interested in volunteering on any of these groups, please write directly to the respective Working Group Co-Lead, below, indicating which Working Group you would like to join.

Terms of reference for members are:
  • Participate in the implementation of 1-2 projects
  • Contribute on average 1-2 hours each week to Working Group activities, including regular communication and meeting attendance
  • Be committed to youth engagement and intergenerational partnership in the IUCN and beyond
  • Ideally be connected to strong youth and conservation/sustainability networks

Working Group 1: Youth Engagement at the 2016 World Conservation Congress
Goal: Coordinate youth activities at the congress and organize 3 events with IPS partners.
Note: for practical reasons, the Working Group on the Fundraising Strategy is currently part of this Working Group.

  • Melanie Zurba
  • Mariasole Bianco
  • Florent Kaiser
  • Md Biozid Jessorey

If you wish to join, please send an email to Melanie Zurba <>

Working Group 2: External Communication and Alliance Building
Goal: Build a broad alliance leading to and beyond Congress. We have three specific initiatives we would like our IPS partners to support.

  • Catie Burlando
  • Melanie Zurba
  • Elaine Hsiao

If you wish to join, please send an email to Catie Burlando <>.

Working Group 3: Internal Communication and Knowledge Management
Goal: This WG will focus primarily on keeping the IPS on track, manage week-to-week operations and work very closely with WG 1 and WG 2.

  • Shalini Dhyani
  • Catie Burlando

If you wish to join, please send an email to Shalini Dyhani <>.

Working Group 4: Strategy for Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership, 2014-2018 (IPS Strategy) and Empowerment
Goal: Looks up to and beyond the Congress, and seeks to strengthen the Task Force in the next program period and work on the Youth Engagement strategy and IPS Strategy.

  • Grace Mwaura
  • Rebecca Koss
  • Mariasole Bianco
  • Md. Biozid Jessorey

If you wish to join, please send an email to Grace Mwaura <>.


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