Juan, Hind, Sandra, and Maria-Luiza, CSD-16, May 2008 (Photo: Dominic Stucker)
Framework for Forming Intergenerational Partnerships for Sustainability

The Framework is intended to provide individuals, organizations, business, and governments of all ages with guidance for forming IPS. Specifically, it is referenced in the Resolution for IPS as a supporting document. The Framework is a living document, having been through several iterations, below.

The Framework is structured around four key questions:
  1. What is an IPS?
  2. Why form an IPS?
  3. What principles frame and guide IPS?
  4. What are some possible mechanisms for forming IPS?

The IUCN Draft

The "IUCN Draft" of the Framework, generated through a workshop at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, Spain in October 2008, made the CSD-16 Draft specific to the IUCN family. It focuses on recommendations for implementing IPS for the IUCN Council, Secretariat, Members, and Commissions, complimenting and supporting the IUCN Resolution for IPS.

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The CSD-16 Draft

The "CSD-16 Draft" of the Framework is an elaborated version of the Ahmedabad Draft, revised by 25 people (from 21 countries, aged 17-58) during an IPS Workshop at the United Nations' Commission for Sustainable Development's annual meeting at UN Headquarters in New York City, USA in May 2008.

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The Ahmedabad Draft

The "Ahmedabad Draft" of the Framework was written collaboratively by 50 people (from 21 countries, aged 14-63) at an IPS Workshop at the 4th International Conference on Environmental Education (ICEE) in Ahmedabad, India in November 2007.

Translated by Abdul Wahab, Indonesia
Translated by Niu Kejia, China

Translated by Didier Gleyzes, France
Translated by Jagdamba Prasad Maithani, India
Translated by Satomi Obata, Japan
Translated by Namir Nava, Mexico