Photo by Lisa Marika Jokivirta, South Luangwa, Zambia, August, 2009
Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership:
A Survey of Commission Chairs

The results of a Commission-wide survey on youth engagement and intergenerational partnership are available in this September 2011 report prepared by CEC members Adriana Surez Delucchi, Lisa Marika Jokivirta and Dominic Stucker.

Read and download: Report on Commission Chair Survey on Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership, 9.11, Final.pdf

How are youth currently engaged in and across IUCN Commissions? How could the Commissions benefit from greater collaboration between young and senior professionals, and what opportunities exist for increasing youth engagement and intergenerational partnership? These are some of the questions raised by a recent survey of Commission Chairs, designed and implemented by members of the CEC Young Professionals Leadership Team.

Inspired by and building on the survey, the report includes key recommendations that the authors, Commission Chairs, and other CEC members have generated for increasing concrete collaboration between senior and young sustainability leaders. The report also includes a brief background on CEC collaboration across Commissions for youth engagement; a summary of survey responses from Commission Chairs; future action steps; and links for further information.

The authors would like to thank all Commission Chairs for participating in this survey, and hope that this initiative may help further meaningful and impactful youth engagement within and across the IUCN Commissions. This report is also available on the CEC website.